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ILDL Indian Lottery Distribution LTD is one of biggest lottery dealer in India. This is known by people as ILDL. Mainly you can download Rajshri lottery results from here. On this website, you get together today’s results and old results.

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This is best page of the Rajshree Lottery. If you want to sell lottery of Goa State, you can contact them. You can get information about Goa State Lottery from Indian Lottery Limited (ildl).

The special thing about ildl (Indian Lottery Distribution Limited) is that you can easily get information about the lottery from them. Their job is to tell the information of the Rajshree lottery.

You can start the wholesale business of lotteries by contacting them. ILDL also does it’s lottery sell outside of Goa not only in Goa. India lottery distribution sale are rising in other state of India.

ildl (Indian Lottery Distribution Ltd) Rajshree Lottery

You will also find all the information related to ildl on our page. We have also share claim form of rajshree lottery. You can download all the results of Rajshree Lottery from this page. We update the results of the Rajshree Lottery on this page daily. However, you have to wait 5 minutes. Only after downloading from website, we upload the result to our website. That is why you can fully trust the results of our Goa State Lottery.  

How To Download ILDL Result

Well it is very easy to download ildl lottery result from here. You can see download button of all lottery. First download button is for 12:10 pm Rajshree lottery, second download button is for 04:10 pm Indian lottery distribution ltd and last button is for 08:10 pm Rajshree lottery.

Just click on that button which you want to download. You will automatically be redirected to related page. After that click on pdf result, it will be downloaded. You can also download result from it official website ( today result) of rajshree lottery.

All ildl result are in pdf and in high resolution. You can easily view Rajshree lottery result. There will be no problem in downloading these results. You can also download the old results of rajshree goa state lottery from here. For this we have created a page separately, you can download all the old results from there. if you are looking for other lottery result please visit Lottery Sambad website.

ILDL (Indian Lottery Distribution Ltd) Rajshree todays result of goa state lottery is available here. Now you guys can able to download ILDL todays result of rajshree lottery tickets. Here we publish daily ILDL (Indian Lottery Distribution Ltd) today result of rajshree goa lottery at 12:10 pm, 04:10 pm and 08:10 pm.

ILDL (Indian Lottery Distribution Ltd) is a largest lottery agency in wb. If you want to sell lottery ticket of goa state. Then you can contact them for stockistship. If you have any rajshree lottery and you are searching for its result, then you are in correct place. Here we upload daily ILDL rajshree result of goa state lottery.

Type of ILDL Result

There are three type of ildl result of rajshree goa state lottery. First result is comes after 12:16 pm, second result of goa state lottery is release after 04:16 pm and last result comes out at 08:16 pm. All these result are known as ildl todays result of rajshree goa state lottery.

Rajshree result 12:10 pm Indian lottery distribution ltd

This is first lottery game of rajshree lottery, which  draw at 12:10 pm daily by goa state lotteries agency. This lottery is also known as ildl lottery and rajshree lottery ticket. After the end of this lottery live game, they publish its result on official page of We also work on rajshree lottery today result of goa lottery.

ildl today result 11am morning

If you have any rajshree lottery of goa state lotteries then you can download its result from our page. We have largest lottery collection of any state lottery. The result of goa state lottery is also published here daily at 12:16 pm. You can easily download its result from here. We upload very high quality ildl result.

ILDL Result 04:10 pm rajshree goa state lottery

This is second lottery game of rajshree lottery of goa state. Which is draw at 04:10 pm and also known as rajshree day lottery result. You can download its result after 04:16 pm daily on its official page. You can also download ildl result from our page. For goa state lottery today’s result you can check above.

ildl today result 4pm

Today 4pm rajshree lottery of goa state is very popular in some state of India. In west bengal goa lottery selling is very high. In other state 4pm goa lottery selling is also high. Lottery buyers love this rajshree lottery. For downloading this rajshree lottery of goa state you can check above button. This lottery result also known as ildl today 4pm result.

Indian Lottery Distribution Ltd 08:10 pm Rajshree result

This is last draw lottery of goa state which is draw at 08:10 pm daily. It result comes out after the end of this rajshree lottery game. You can download this lottery result from goa state lottery page. It is very popular lottery of goa. This is also known as rajshree night lottery. You can download its result after 08:16 pm daily from our ildl page.

Rajshree lottery today result indian lottery distribution ltd

We daily publish 8pm goa state lottery result of rajshree. You can daily download its result easily from here. We provide all result of ildl in one place. If you want to download rajshree todays result, then you can easily download from here.

Here you can get all results of ildl ( indian lottery distribution ltd). Which is for rajshree lottery of goa state. Download today result of goa state lottery 12:10 pm 04:10 pm and 08:10 pm. Easiest way to download any lottery result within a minute. 

About this Indian lottery distribution Ltd page

This page is only for indian lottery distribution ltd today Rajshree lottery result. If you want to download old result of Rajshree or prize money claim form, you have to visit our other page. We have prepared a separate page for the old results of the Rajshree Lottery from where you can download results for up to 1 month.

If you want any information regarding the Rajshree lottery, you can visit official website of ildl and ask them. This page can only provide you the results of Rajshri Lottery.

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