Lottery Sambad 8 pm Today Result Nagaland Dear [ Download ]

Download lottery sambad 8 pm today result dear lottery. It is also known as the lottery sambad night today result. Today 8 pm night lottery result is very popular. Millions of people download this 8 pm lottery result. If you also buy the 8 pm today lottery, then you can download its result from here.

17 April 2024

8:00 PM

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8:00 PM Result

Today result 8pm is now available here for everyone who buy dear lottery ticket 8 pm. Now you can download dhan kesari lottery sambad result in high quality. This result is available in pdf format.

Today we will tell you about today 8 pm lottery result. I will talk to you about everything about it. Such as where you can buy it. How much is the value of this lottery? If you purchased the lottery at 8:00 then how to download its results.

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Let’s say that you have downloaded a today result and how to match this lottery with the result etc.  

Where to buy this lottery ticket

Well, this lottery is available everywhere. But you will get this lottery, especially at the market or bus station? A lot of people are now selling this lottery in cities or villages. You can buy this Today lottery from them. If you have a lottery shop in your town or village then you can buy this 8:00 o’clock lottery from there.   

8 pm Lottery Cost

Any ordinary person can buy this Nagaland state lottery 8 pm. No matter how much less he earns. The value of a ticket in this lottery is Rs 6. If seen, if seen, ₹ 6 there is no big deal in today’s era. But the interesting thing is that there are lots of series of this lottery. Simply put, this lottery ticket comes in the group. There are more than 5 to 200 series of this lottery.

Today Result 8pm Nagaland Lotteries PDF

Accordingly, you will have to take at least five lottery tickets. For which you will have to pay 30 rupees. The value of lotteries is increasing day by day. So maybe when you are reading this article, the value of this lottery has increased.  

Today’s 8 pm Lottery Result Time

The game of this lottery goes up to 8:00 pm. Due to play in the night, this lottery is also called a night lottery. Nagaland State lottery is done for this lottery game. You can also download this result from the official page of Nagaland Lotteries. We also upload today lottery result of 8pm every day here.

If you want, you can download the results of this lottery from our page too.   Nagaland Lottery This result will be easy to download after 8:15. You do not have to go anywhere for this. All you have to do is get on this today result page and download your result.  

How To Download Lottery Sambad 8 pm Today Result

Well it’s easy to download lottery results. Still we will tell you the correct way to download. You will find 2 download buttons above. One’s colour is white and the other’s colour is gray. You have to press on the other ones. After this, the result of Dhan Kesari will be downloaded to your mobile or computer. Through PDF viewer, you will be able to see this lottery result.     

About This Today Result Page

This page is for today result 8pm only. If you want to download another result of this lottery, such as 11:55 or 4:00 pm, then you have to go to our other pages. We have created different pages for all results. So that you do not have any problem while downloading the result to everyone.

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FAQ: Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result

What is the price of today’s lotteries 8 pm?

Price of the today’s lotteries 8 pm is 6 rupees. It can increase sometimes by authorities of state government who organized this lotteries game.

From where we can buy this lotteries tickets?

You can buy this lottery ticket from a lottery shop situated in your locality or near a taxi stand or bus stand.

How to download this lottery result?

You can see we have given a download button above. Just click on the button to download this 8 pm today result in pdf.