Want to download the Bodoland lottery result today at 12 pm 3 pm and 8 pm? If yes then you are in right place. You can easily able to access Bodoland lottery results from here.

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Click on above download button to download any results of bodoland lotteries. First button is for 12pm lottery result. Second button is for 3pm bodo lottery and last button is for 7pm bodolotteries results.

Types of Bodoland Lotteries

There are three type of bodoland lotteries. First one is 12pm lottery. Second one is 3pm bodo lottery and last one is 7pm lottery. All these lottery played under government of bodoland territorial council of Assam.

Bodoland Lottery Result 12pm Today

It is very popular lottery of bodoland government. This lottery draw time is 12pm daily. After 12pm you can download it result from it official website (www.bodolotteries.com) of bodo lotteries.

But for you we have also uploading this 12pm lottery result here. On top of the page you can see there is 12pm download button. Just click on download button to download this 12pm bodoland results.

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 3pm Lotteries

This is the second lottery of Bodoland which played at 3 pm daily. You must know that the game of Bodo Lottery occurs three times. But the highest lottery sale is at 3 pm Bodo lotteries. This lottery game happens every day. You can download its result after 3 o’clock in the day. Or if you want you can also see your Bodo Lottery without downloading.

You do not have to work hard to download it. The only way to write bodolotteries com on your mobile or computer browser. After this, the official website Bodoland Lottery will come in front of you.

Bodoland Result 7pm Today Lotteries

It is the third draw lottery which draws daily by Bodoland territorial council. The government of Bodoland every day draws a thangam lottery game at 7 pm. You can easily able to download thangam lottery result after 7 o’clock from the official website ( wwwbodolotteriescom ). For making your work easier, we also upload bodolottery results here.

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 7pm

For downloading 7 pm night lottery of Bodoland, you have to go on top. Where you will found a 7 pm downloading button. By pressing that button, you can download it result. For some people we have also added pdf viewer. See your today Bodoland lottery result in pdf without download.

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 12pm 3pm 7pm

Above we have provided all lottery results of bodolotteries like kuil, thangam, etc. You can easily access the Bodoland lottery result today from above. But sometimes the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock lottery games are not held for weeks or months. At that time, you will get only the result of a lottery whose game is going on.

Bodoland Lotteries Results: FAQ

What is Bodoland lottery result?

Lottery games are conducted daily by the Bodoland Territorial Region, the result of which is uploaded daily on the official website of bodolotteries.com, which people commonly know as Bodoland Lottery Results.

How To Download Bodoland Lottery Result?

Just click on download button to download any bodo lotteries result.

Can We Download Bodoland Lotteries Result From TodayLotteriesResult.com?

Yes, you can. On todaylotteriesresult.com you can easily able to download bodoland results of lottery like 12pm 3pm and 7pm.

Is It Safe To Download Bodo Lottery Results From Here?

Yes, it is totally safe. Our website is 100% safe for anyone. We provide quality content for our website visitors.

Can We Get Daily Lotteries Results of Bodoland From Here?

Yes, you will get daily lottery result of bodoland. Here we daily upload bodoland lotteries results.

What is The First Prize of Bodoland Lotteries?

The first prize of bodoland lotteries is 100,000. But is can be decrease or increase by the government of bodoland.